Monday, October 21, 2013

Perhaps there is something wrong

There is perhaps something wrong with me in a fundamental way. Or perhaps the problem is with other people. I have not ruled out either alternative. I cannot see how I can.

I do not strive for what other people strive for. I do not long for what they long for. I do not seek fame, fortune, or riches. They would make the passing of my existence easier, there is no doubting that, but they seem to matter very little to me. I should probably care, pay more attention to such things, but it seems simpler and easier to just exist and allow these things to simply pass me by.

As every day goes by these things begin to matter less and less, to the point where I feel I matter less and less. I do not mind this. It does not concern me in the least. It probably should, but my emotional agnosticism washes over me and I feel oblivious, immune, and disinterested.

There is probably something I should be doing to fit into the rest of what you call humanity, but I simply cannot be bothered.

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